10X Pirminis Mokestis, Voleliu Kyocera FS 2100 4100 4200 4300 P3045 P3050 P3055 P3060 M3040 M3145 M3540 M3550 M3560 M3645 M3655


Nauja prekė

€33.47 €28.78

Pagrindinis Mokestis, Surinkimas Dalis Nr.: 302LV93011 2LV93011 302LV93010 2LV93010

Suderinami Modeliai: FS 2100D 2100DN 4100DN 4200DN 4300DN M3145dn M3145idn M3645dn M3645idn M3655idn M3660idn M3040dn M3040idn M3540dn M3540idn M3550idn M3560idn P3045dn P3050dn P3055dn P3060dn

Žanras: Suderinama

Būklė: 100% Naujas

Mašina Skirsnis: Photoconductor

  • Funkcija: Suderinamas
  • sąlyga: 100% Naujas
  • Mokesčio Surinkimo Det.: 2LV93011 302LV93011 2LV93010 302LV93010
  • Tipas: MC-3100 Pagrindinis Mokestis, Voleliu
  • Spausdintuvo modelis 3: M3040dn M3040idn M3540dn M3540idn M3550idn M3560idn
  • Spausdintuvo Modelis 1: FS 2100D 2100DN 4100DN 4200DN 4300DN
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Spausdintuvo Modelis 4: P3045dn P3050dn P3055dn P3060dn
  • Spausdintuvo Modelis 2: M3145dn M3145idn M3645dn M3645idn M3655idn M3660idn
  • Mašina Skirsnis: Photoconductor
  • Įtampa: 110V
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Goodpartner
  • Modelio Numeris: 302LV93011 2LV93011 MC-3100 MC3100 2LV93010 302LV93010 M3660 FS4200
  • Kokybė: Klasės

Žymos: mc3190, fs 6525, atveju, g700, kyocera spausdintuvų toneriai, "kyocera" roller, cilindrų kyocera fs 4200 4300, massag roller, gt5, mc 3100, mobail.


The length of the rubber part does not match the original one on one side, but it does not affect the work, like. Enough one roller for 10,000 copies, then prints with spots or completely black sheets.
Maxlex 4 U
Of 20 PCs 13 PCs came with defects. Packed ugly. I was shocked by the fact that the defects from the shafts on the imprint were not proof of marriage. Алиэкспреесс stood on the side of the seller. I ordered not the first time, but I did not expect this attitude.
Julio Dominguezpalacios
Got it on time. Thank you.
Rowell Blaze22
It came in time. But unfortunately with marriage
Quality has deteriorated greatly. Most of the rollers with defects (scratches, puffs, rust on tails). The whole batch sent back to the seller.